Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Beatles come to La Orotava, Tenerife

If you are on your Tenerife holiday and in the resort of La Orotava on the 23, 34 and 26 June then head to the Rural Hotel Victoria where the hotel is holding a 3 night "Beatles" special themed menu put together by chef, Richard Etherington.  The menu comprises:
"Twist and Shout"
A non-alcoholic gin & tonic with whitebait

"Back in the USSR"
Steak tartare

"Octopus's Garden"
Warmed salad from the vegetable plot, with octopus and roasted sweet potato seasoned with a sauce of parsley and coriander.

"Yellow Submarine"
Seafood mousse with saffron and calendula covered in a prawn stock and 5 spices.

"Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club"
Sirloin of lamb with green peppers and lavender

"Stawberry Fields Forever"
Carpaccio of strawberries with Flor Electrica, a balsamic reduction and white chocolate cream.

Corona Holidays can offer accommodation at the Rural Hotel Victoria in La Orotava - just give us a call or send an enquiry.  The hotel runs many themed nights thoughout the year.

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