Thursday, 22 July 2010

Menorca's Sant Jaume Festivities

These festivities are dedicated to the Menorcan horse breed which works in teamwork with its rider [caixer], defying the laws of gravity with "Bots" - the horse stands on its back hinds, lifting their front hoofs for a number of seconds. 

The Menorcans are devoted to their horses so even during the fiesta these animals are treated with great care and respect.  Concerts and performances are held, a funfair and fireworks.

So, if you are Es Castell [about 2km or 1mile southeast of Mahon], the festival is being held from 24-26 July and from the 25-26 July in Es Mercadal [which lies in the very heart of Menorca along the main Mahon-Ciutadella road].

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