Monday, 1 August 2011

Charcoal Burning in Vilaflor, Tenerife

Every year, the lovely town of Vilaflor in Tenerife invites 3 of their senior citizens to build a charcoal burner and make charcoal in the traditional manner. 

The event was original started as a method of promoting the local potatoes and the event has become more and more popular each year.  Among other things were potatoe sculptures, a potato poem and potato prints.  A top chef and the local restaurants took part in the event and different menus using the humble potato were put together. 

The importance of the potato crop to Vilaflor and the history and importance of the charcoal burners was related and the food tasting was washed down with a glass or two of local wine.  Make a nopte in your diary as next year the event will probably be moved to May.

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