Monday, 19 December 2011

Get to Know ... Rialto Bridge in Venice

Take a holiday in Venice and you are sure to wonder about the history of the Rialto Bridge.  It's history goes back to the year 1181 when the ponte de Moneta was the only bridge to span the Grande Canal. Unfortunately this bridge collapsed and was replaced by a wooden bridge in 1255 and was subsequently destroyed by a fire in 1310 and eventually collapsed in 1524.

Following this, the Venetian authorities sought to build a stone bridge and invited people such as Michelangelo to design such a structure. They finally decided on a design by the aptly named Antonio da Ponte, and the new bridge was completed in 1591.

The new bridge was made of Istrian stone and spans 28m and has arcades of shops on either side.  Across the bridge are 12 Renaissance arches and a centrally positioned portal. The Rialto Bridge has since been a vital part of Venice and is a hub of activity.

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