Thursday, 23 August 2012

£75 is Average Spend on Souvenirs

Recently, in the Travel Trade Gazette, there was an articles concerning how money was spent by Brits on souvenirs of their holidays.

Research has shown that locally produced souvenirs such as carved items and kept longer by people rather than fake designer goods or DVDs.  Over half of people bought a T-shirt on holiday but only a third of these have already been thrown away.

The report showed that there was a lack of awareness among British travellers about the importance of checking whether gifts and souvenirs were locally produced.  Sue Hurdle, Chief Executive of The Travel Foundation said "£75 is a fortune for some local producers and it is important that we to give back this way and it's a fantastic way to interact with local people."

However, the good news for local destinations is that Brits said they favoured markets, independent stores and buying direct from craftspeople.

So when you are next on holiday and are looking for a souvenir to bring back, try and help the local community and perhaps purchase something produced by a local craftsman.

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