Saturday, 18 August 2012

Jardin Tecina Hotel in La Gomera

People who are going on their La Gomera holidays and are booked to stay at the Jardin Tecina Hotel may be concerned regarding the recent forest fire in La Gomera.

We have received a press release as follows:

"Please be aware that Hotel Jardin Tecina and Tecina Golf and Playa de Santiago are fully accessible and the area has not been affected."

The press release also advises that La Gomer has an extensive network of paths [approximately 100] of which 60 are recommended by Tourism of La Gomera and only 25% of these 60 paths have been affected by the fire.  

The La Gomera Tourist Board have said "Both La Gomera and its inhabitants are performing exemplary behaviour in these hard times, showing great strength and working together to recover the unique beauty of the island".

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