Sunday, 16 March 2014

Some Things to do on your Tenerife Holiday

Bored of lounging on the beach, or swimming in the hotel pool?  We have some unusual things for you to do whilst on your holiday in Tenerife including hiking in Masca, seeing the oldest and largest Dragon Tree, visiting Tenerife's Auditorio and even walking around some pyramids!

Go Hiking in Masca
Head to the eastern part of the island to what is known as the prettiest village in Tenerife - Masca.  Located approximately 8km north of Los Gigantes, check with your hotel reception to find out where you need to catch the bus in order to get here.   Expect some steep and winding roads on your way, but you will be rewarded by old stone houses, palm trees and steep ravines down to the sea below.  With a population of around 100 people, this is a quiet village [when all the tourists have gone] and lots of the houses have been converted into tiny shops and restaurants. 

However, the majority of people come here with the aim of making their way down the ravines [Barranco de Masca] and taking part in the 3 hour hike to the sea and then the 3 hour hike back up [alternatively you can catch a boat at the bottom to one of the local resorts].   You can make your way down the path, keeping an eye out for the markers showing you the direction in which to walk.  Alternatively you can take part in an organised hike down the valley [which can include coach and boat transport].  On your walk you will see some interesting rock formations and vegetation.   Don't forget your walking boots or sensible footwear and water to keep you hydrated during your walk.  Oh, and please remember your camera.

See the Dragon Tree

A little further round the coast is the village of Icod de los Vinos where you will find the world's oldest and largest specimen of the Dragon Tree [El Drago].   The tree is 17m high and the circumference of the trunk is 6m.  However, its claim to fame lies in the age of the tree as it is believed to be around 500 years old. 

To see the tree in its true magnificence, you will need to enter the garden which will cost around 4 euros per person but the view from the nearby shady square can be sufficient for some, and it's free. 

Visit Tenerife's Auditorium
If you are on holiday in the northern part of Tenerife, then Santa Cruz is worth visiting to see the home of Tenerife's symphony orchestra - the Auditorio de Tenerife.  This building, opened in 2003, is certainly eye-catching as it shaped like a wave and is immediately recognisable as you approach it. 

This concert hall was designed by Santiago Calatrava who also designed the airport in Bilbao and cost 75 million euros.   Today, you can attend jazz, classical, opera and a full programme of events.

Walk around the Guimar Pyramids
On the west of the island is the town of Guimar where you will find the Piramides de Guimar [Pyramids of Guimar].   The pyramids were built by the native Guanches of the island and were initially dismissed as a pile of stones left by local farmers.  However, upon closer inspection by archeologists they revealed several pyramidal constructions of carefully laid stones, with certain points of the pyramids pointing towards the sun during various times of the year.   If you visit here, you can look at the site's museum as well as walk around the pyramids [although please don't expect to be able to climb on them]. 

So don't just sit around your hotel as there are lots of things to see in Tenerife, not just those we have shown you.

Author : Gail Hewitt - Corona Holidays

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